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I help individuals and organizations get better results through coaching, business consulting and speaking services.

What people are saying...

"Jeff is an excellent speaker. He keeps his audience involved and engaged. He uses real world - real time examples to share his message. His energy and enthusiasm is contagious! You feel comfortable when Jeff presents. He does a wonderful job of relating his thoughts, ideas and information to all audience members. He always has a smile on. I think this is one of the best traits he has.  You know when someone has "It" and Jeff does."

Clint Golisch, Human Resources Manager, Interflex Group

"Your session was by far my favorite. A lot of what you said stuck with me. Thank you for passing on your wisdom."

Marshall Boll, Account Manager, Landmark Landscapes

"Jeff's style is uniquely welcoming and meaningful dialog is a direct result of his approach. Each month, guests leave his presentations with new knowledge to take back to their personal lives and workplaces alike. The entire team at the Chamber of Commerce are very grateful to have his leadership for our members."

Heidi LeHew, Executive Director, Lodi & Lake WI Chamber of Commerce

Business Coaching & Consulting

Looking for better results? Better communication, increasing your influence and persuasion skills, and teaching leadership traits are areas I can help you. Committed to growth? Here's what I offer:

Workshops and training, masterclasses, lunch n learns, speaking engagements:

  • Improved Communication - understanding the 4 different communication styles

  • Process improvements - driving out waste & improving efficiency

  • Developing the Leader Within You Training

  • Thinking Partner/ Individual & Group Coaching & Mentoring 

  • Sales training, strategy and execution

  • Increasing your Influence - Learn ethical persuasion principles and practices

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My business is called Step Forward into Growth, business coaching and consulting.  My company's name is based on Abraham Maslow's famous quote. "In any given moment, we have two options, to either step forward into growth or to step back into safety." If you are looking for better results for yourself or your organization then this is the place for you!!  My mission is to help individuals and companies grow and achieve more and I hope you will find what you need here.  If there is a course on a specific topic you would like to see, please drop me a line and let's start a conversation.  I'm based in central Wisconsin out of a small city named Lodi and am available to travel for in person sessions throughout the United States and I also do trainings and talks virtually. I look forward to hearing from you!

email: jeff@stepforwardintogrowth.com